1. Clean, cut and spice up your shrimp and crab separately. I use my signature Seafood spice along with cut up fajita pepper mix, red onions and a dash of salt
2. Sauté your fajita pepper mix in some coconut oil and olive oil mixed together, only a cap full is enough in a nonstick pan do not drench your fajita mix in oil.
3. Cook and stir everything together for 2-3 minutes on medium heat.
4. Blend a white onion, half of 29 ounces of canned tomato Sause, habanero pepper/s (spice to your liking), and one red bell pepper.
5. In a Separate pot Add vegetable broth, your own or store bought is okay. Your blended Sause and two cans of organic coconut canned milk. Boil down for 20 minutes on medium heat continue to stir throughout.
6. When your stew is done add your crab and your shrimp along with the fajita mix and you are ALL done! Bon Appetit