Our Brand 

 Heels In Health was founded in August of 2018. Inspired by popular West African culture and street foods such as Suya; Brand owner Melody Adeniyi-Taiwo decided to take her passion for food, health, and flavor to another level. Chi SuYa Spice our signature African exotic spice, created by CEO Melody Adeniyi-Taiwo in her very own kitchen, is our deliciously epicurean spice blend that elevates the taste, aroma and nutritious value of your food. Chi SuyA is made up of exotic herbs and spices and is an excellent dry rub spice for flavoring all kinds of meats, poultry, and seafood... Don't expect Melody to divulge the Chi SuyA recipe, though... Those are family trade secrets. Our brand also carries an array of other exotic African spices such as Peri- Peri and Ethiopian Berber spice. We are offering catering options and specialized ethnic meal prep services.