About The Founder



Meet Melody...

Melody Adeniyi-Taiwo is the founder and CEO of Heels In Health, a business and lifestyle brand born out of a personal passion for self-improvement at any stage or age in life. The cornerstone of Heels In Health is fitness, nutrition and the development of health habits; — physically and mentally — and Melody embodies the lifestyle needed to achieve and maintain a fit body and mind.

Growing up as a military brat, Melody visited several countries and lived in Germany for six years. Her extensive travels as a young girl and mixed ancestry have instilled a unique perspective of culture, evident by the ethnic tinge in her recipes and spices. Now, Melody and her family reside in their bustling hometown of Chicago, which also inspires Melody’s cultural and culinary flare.

Melody’s first major business venture was as co-owner of Iron Diva Physique, a health club where many clients reached their weight-loss and lifestyle goals. Melody herself struggled with severe obesity for several years, weighing as much as 298 pounds at one time. She had to revamp her lifestyle and prioritize self-care, healthy food choices and intense workout regimens, all of which helped Melody shed 156 pounds of fat. Along the way of her weight-loss journey, Melody was featured in People magazine, countless other articles, and on various social media platforms.  When Melody’s not busy running Heels In Health, she focuses on her most crucial venture: her family.


Melody graduated from Northwestern University in Chicago Illinois, with her Master's degree in Health Communication. She already holds a master’s degree in finance (with a concentration in healthcare finance) and a bachelor’s degree in political science, both from DePaul University. Melody also received her Food Service Sanitation Manager certification in early 2019.