February 12, 2019


Chi SuyA Spice

Chi SuyA Spice plays an important role in the preparation of a special kind of barbecue popular in parts of West Africa, especially in Nigeria, However, seasoning with SuyA spice has spread and been learned by people outside the West African region.

Apart from the incredible taste that SuyA spice adds to tiny pieces of meat, the nutritional value of this condiment cannot and must not be overlooked.

Chi SuyA Spice is an improved version of SuyA, as it takes into account several other factors, including health benefits, nutritional value and established sanitation protocol.

Healthy Snacking

The basic ingredients in Chi SuyA Spice are:

  • Crushed kuli kuli, which is a nutritious snack made from groundnut
  • Ginger powder, which aids digestion and boosts antibodies
  • Cayenne and African negro peppers, which contain other healthy elements

Together, these ingredients give your body a healthy supply of calories, irons and carbohydrates, and aid the body in the circulation of blood, digestion and respiratory function.


Sanitation Requirements

Our spice blends are produced in a clean, sanitary environment, and contain ingredients preserved, processed and packaged in a clean, sanitary environment.

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