February 12, 2019

Eating right requires discipline, making your food taste well to stay disciplined is apart of the process.

Why African Spices Are Good For You

It can’t be overstated: spices add taste, color and emotion to food. Great spices, however, add a little more than just those benefits. They add nutritional value, antioxidants, and agents that fight inflammation and promote emotional well being.

Cinnamon and Ceylon

Cinnamon is considered a very healthy spice, so it’s often used as an additive in several delicacies and snacks, and in the brewing of various beverages. Using cinnamon in cooking or adding it to your coffee is a wonderful way of increasing taste and adding nutritional benefits. Cinnamon helps lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and adds antioxidants to your diet. Ceylon helps with the production and distribution of red and white blood cells, which help the body function optimally.


Apart from its very interesting taste, ginger comes packed with amazing properties and compounds that aid digestion and increase the amount of antioxidants needed to make the body an effective force against immune deficiencies. Ginger increases physiological functionality and helps with upset stomach and indigestion problems. Chewing on raw ginger can help heal or, at least, relieve the pain in sore joints.

Monk Fruit

Monk fruit contains significant amounts of anti-inflammatory properties and it also helps spur weight loss. Monk fruit, combined with cinnamon and Ceylon, adds nutrients necessary for the growth and development of the body, and also serves as a great source of nutrition for people living with diabetes, due to its low sugar.

Moroccan Spice Mixture

This is our most sought-after North African spice, which comes in handy for both its taste and nutritional value. Add it to food and it helps create an excellent treat. This mixture helps keep your body whole and functional, given any amount of activity you have to face or level of stress you have to deal with. Using this Moroccan spice mixture comes in handy for quick-fix meals and blends perfectly with Merguez Sausage Seasoning.

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